Best Husky Harness Reviews: The Safest & Snuggest For Your Animal

Best Husky Harness Reviews

Looking after a husky is no small undertaking. They’re big, brawny, energetic dogs with an appetite for adventure. Keeping one under control requires a capable owner and capable harness. Don’t try and keep a husky on a collar, after all! The best harnesses for husky dogs are as tough, resilient, and adventure-ready as the breed itself! Which make the grade? Read on to find out!

In this guide, we’ve put together our reviews and recommendations for the best husky harnesses on the market today. We chose the most resilient, rugged, and comfortable options we’ve found to date. You can see all our picks below, as well as some helpful buying advice explaining what specific features and factors make a given harness better for huskies!

PictureProduct NameSize OptionsColor OptionsCost
Rabbitgoo Dog HarnessRabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness For Large DogsExtra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra LargeBlack, Green, Orange$
Embark Active Dog HarnessEmbark Active Dog HarnessExtra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra LargeTeal Blue, Black, Orange$$
RUFFWEAR - Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness with Front ClipRuffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness For DogsXX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, L-XL, Large/X-Large, LG/XLBlue Dusk, Meadow Green, Orange Poppy, Tillandsia Purple, Twilight Grey, Wild Berry, Twilight Gray$$$

Best Husky Harness Reviews

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness For Large Dogs

Rabbitgoo Dog HarnessClick for Price

This Rabbitgoo model, as you can probably guess from the brand name, is one of many identical imports from China sold on Amazon under names that don’t exactly sound natural to a native English speaker. We think it’s the best of the budget options at the moment.


It’s cheap! The Rabbitgoo exemplifies the reasons people buy cheap knock-offs from China in the first place. It costs a fraction as much as the real pet manufacturer models, but has the same basic design.

It’s very adjustable. You can adjust all of the straps independently to find a comfortable, secure fit for your animal. It’s easy to get to a place where your husky is snug but not impaired.

It’s user-friendly. It’s easy to get on and off. We also like that there’s a front and back clip, so you can attach the leash wherever you like.


It’s cheap. We know, we also listed cheapness as a “pro” for this one, but you do get what you pay for to some extent. The nylon straps are thinner and stiffer than the ones on our pricier picks. While most owners we’ve heard from have gotten a lot of use out of their Rabbitgoo harnesses, we’ve also heard from other folks whose big dogs lunged so hard that the D-rings tore right out of the harness. That’s why it’s really worth investing in the Ruffwear or Embark if you can.

As with so many of these cheap, generic imports, there’s no warranty to speak of. When this breaks, it’s time to buy a new one. Don’t plan on getting a replacement from the company.

Embark Active Dog Harness

Embark Active Dog HarnessClick for Price

This Embark harness is a good choice for husky owners who want a compromise between the cheap, generic options and the premium Ruffwear model below. It’s still an affordable import from China, but it’s slightly hardier than the Rabbitgoo and a reasonable midrange option.


It’s tougher than the Rabbitgoo. While the design isn’t significantly different, the sewing around the attachment points is better, and we’ve heard fewer reports of tearing or other durability issues.

It’s just as comfortable as the Rabbitgoo. We don’t like to compromise on comfort just to upgrade on ruggedness, and thankfully you don’t have to with the Embark harness.

While it doesn’t have a true warranty to speak of, there is a satisfaction guarantee covering this harness, so it’s not a complete write-off if you have issues. That’s a key advantage over the cheaper (but disposable) Rabbitgoo.


While this is tougher than the Rabbitgoo, it’s still not as sturdy or resilient as the Ruffwear. Occasional buyers have told us that their buckles have had issues over time, since they’re simply cheaply-made. We recommend that anyone who can afford the Ruffwear go for it.

Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness For Dogs

RUFFWEAR - Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness with Front ClipClick for Price

This Ruffwear harness is the best we’ve found for huskies to date. It’s rugged, comfortable, and user-friendly. It lasts longer than anything else on the market and is definitely worth the higher cost.


It’s not a generic import. Hey, there’s a time and place for cheapos from China. That’s why we include things like the Rabbitgoo in our reviews. They’re cheap and do the trick reasonably well. Still, when it comes to keeping your husky safe and secure on the end of a leash, it’s worth making an investment in something from a real pet manufacturer.

The biggest difference is in how long these last. You can use a Ruffwear for at least a year, if not longer. Most other husky harnesses won’t last you more than a few months. Plus, it’s covered by a warranty and solid customer service!

It’s comfortable, adjustable, and easy to get on and off. It’s full of thoughtful design touches, too, such as the ID pocket and reflective webbing. All in all, you definitely get what you pay for with this one!


This is on the pricey side for a harness, even for a big dog like a husky. It’s not exorbitant by any stretch, but you can get the Rabbitgoo for half the price. We think the extra security and longevity make the Ruffwear well-worth the investment.

It’s not perfect. While the Ruffwear doesn’t fail often at all, or because of anything like cheap stitching or thin materials, there is one design flaw. The metal rings for attaching it to a leash are a bit sharp, and they wear down the nylon loops over time.


Which of these harnesses should you buy for your husky?

The Rabbitgoo is the best thing under $20, so we recommend it if you’re on a tight budget. It’s half the price of our nicest pick, and better than the other super-cheap options. However, it probably won’t last long, and it doesn’t hold its adjustment settings as well as our nicer recommendations.

The Embark is a good compromise between the super-cheap Rabbitgoo and the premium Ruffwear. It’s not quite as rugged as the Ruffwear, but it also costs ⅓ less. We think it’s a good choice for anyone who wants something better than average without shelling out for the best of the best. However, if you can afford the Ruffwear, it’s definitely the better harness.

The Ruffwear is our recommendation to anyone who can afford it. It’s not completely foolproof, as we wish the metal rings didn’t wear away at the straps, but it’s the best on the market right now and ought to last you much longer than anything else we’ve reviewed. Plus, the warranty coverage protects your investment.

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