Best Brush For Shih Tzus: The Most Effective & Ergonomic Grooming Tools

Best Brush For Shih Tzus

Shih Tzu’s take a lot of looking after, and that’s especially true when we talk about grooming them! In this guide, we’ll explain how to choose the best dog brushes for Shih Tzu pooches. We’ll also show you all our favorite options for this breed.

Read on to see all our recommended brushes for Shih Tzu’s, and to find out why these specific grooming tools made our cut.

PictureProduct ImageSize OptionsCost
Andis Pet 7.5-Inch Steel CombAndis Pet Steel Grooming CombN/A$
KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming BrushKong ZoomGroom Dog Grooming Brush (small)N/A$
Furminator Firm Grooming Slicker BrushFurminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush (small)Small, Large$
Oster Dog Rake and Shedding BrushOster Dog Rake And Shedding BrushN/A$$

Best Shih Tzu Brush Reviews

Andis 2-inch Steel Comb

Andis Pet 7.5-Inch Steel Comb

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Combs are a great way to go when you’re dealing with a long-haired breed like a Shih Tzu. They allow you to groom all the way down to the skin without getting stuck or doing any cutting. Just like long human hair, the best way to brush a Shih Tzu is with long, slow strokes. Most of these dogs are pretty sensitive, so a comb like this one is a good way to minimize contact with their skin while still covering a nice amount of ground.

We like this Andis comb because it comes with two different sections (coarse and fine) on the same tool. You can start with the coarse side and then work your way to the fine end as you get all the tangles and clumps out. It’s also incredibly sturdy, so you can use it for years without having the tines bend or break.

Be careful to avoid knock-offs, though: like Furminator products, Andis tools are expensive and often copied by disreputable manufacturers. Be sure to buy directly from Amazon or an authorized dealer.

Kong ZoomGroom Dog Grooming Brush (small)

KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Brush

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We recommend this tool for absolutely every breed. It’s simply a great grooming brush that works well no matter what type of coat(s) your dog has.

The Kong does wonders with Shih Tzu pooches, since it reaches right through any thick mats like a comb. We like it because it works like a combination of a comb and a slicker. It reaches to the skin without getting stuck as easily as a comb blade. It also helps maintain healthy skin, as the massaging design stimulates follicles and loosens dander that you often leave behind with a comb.

However, some Shih Tzu’s may not enjoy the massage aspect, since they can be somewhat sensitive and temperamental. We recommend giving the Kong a try, but be aware that some Shih Tzu’s might not love it.

Furminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush (small)

Furminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush

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This Furminator tool is a very popular option among Shih Tzu owners, and we recommend it to anyone who likes working with a slicker-type tool. Something like this isn’t the best for infrequent grooming, since it’s going to get stuck in very tough spots, but it’s a great way to go if you brush more than once a week and know you don’t let anything severe build up. The Furminator is particularly good because it has a tool built in to eject collected fur in clumps so you don’t have to spend all your time picking it out of the tines. It’s an effective, well-designed twist on a classic brush.

It’s best to have a comb or a wider-toothed tool on hand if you’re going to use the Furminator as your primary brush, though. We suggest either the Andis comb, the Kong groomer, or the Oster rake as a backup in case you run into some tough clumps or snags.

Oster Dog Rake & Shedding Brush

Oster Dog Rake and Shedding BrushClick for Price

This Oster rake is an all-metal tool you can use for years and years. It’s a solid all-purpose alternative to the Kong for folks who want to work with something that has a handle. It detangles like a comb, with tines that reach right down to skin level. The advantage of something like this, with its wide spacing and thick blade-like tines, is that it can untangle and groom without ever getting stuck. It also does a pretty good job removing loose fur, even if it’s not as magnetic as the Kong or Furminator. This is an expensive tool, but the ergonomics, functionality, and longevity justify the cost. It’s a bit large for some areas on a Shih Tzu, though. That’s why we prefer using the Kong.

Buying Guide

Know Your Breed

Shih Tzu pooches are high-maintenance. No doubt about it! They need frequent, thorough brushing to stay healthy and happy (and to keep them from getting too smelly).

The main thing to bear in mind with these dogs is that they have long, fairly thick hair. You don’t want to be using any kind of blade on them. It’s best to stick to rakes and slickers-something that can move well through the long hair without snagging or cutting.

Don’t Forget To Use A Good Shampoo

Shampoos are just as important as brushes when it comes to keeping Shih Tzu coats and skin in optimum health. You’ll need to choose a good, hypoallergenic shampoo and use it at least every other week. That prevents fur from becoming greasy and matted, which can seem to happen at lightning speeds with these little fur balls. Choosing a good shampoo and using it regularly will help you brush your pooch more easily and effectively. Check out our guide to the best Shih Tzu shampoos to learn more!

Choose A Design That Works For You

As you’ve seen above, there’s a fairly wide variety of dog brushes that work well on Shih Tzu’s. There’s not necessarily one tool that’s better than the rest. You’ll have to choose which seems like the best fit for you and your dog. If you like with handles, choose one of those. If your preference is for something you can hold on your palm, choose something like the Kong. Likewise, if you know your Shih Tzu isn’t a big fan of wide brushes like the Kong, go for a narrow comb that works without so much contact.

What’s Next

We hope you’ve found our guide to the best Shih Tzu brushes helpful and informative. You can find out more about any of the models we recommend by clicking on the links in our reviews. Or, head over to our homepage to find reviews and recommendations covering all your needs as a dog owner. We’ve got your back with buying guides to the best shampoos for Shih Tzus and much more!