Welcome to Best Dog Gear Reviews! We hope you’ve had a chance to look around the site and check out some of our helpful buying guides. Since you’ve visited this page, we’d like to tell you a little more about ourselves, our site, and the methods we use to find and choose the best dog gear on the market to recommend to you.

Who We Are

We’re dog owners, number one. In fact, all of us are dog owners here on staff. Needless to say, that means we approach our work from a very personal perspective. We all love our pooches and are passionate about finding products that make our lives as dog owners easier, healthier, and happier. We’ve also done various jobs caring for dogs, whether it’s walking or sitting them. All in all, we bring an awful lot of experience to the table. So, when we say we really love a leash, that comes from the perspective of folks who have had plenty of crappy leashes break on them. Likewise, it takes a lot to impress us in a dog food. We don’t take anything we see in product descriptions or packaging at face value. We want to see the actual food itself, and see how our animals react to it. We’re dog lovers through and through, and that’s why you can count on us to do our research thoroughly and be both selective and impartial when we choose products to recommend to you.

Why We Started This Site

There’s a lot of crappy pet gear on the market these days. We’re sure you know what we mean–anything from leashes that disintegrate and leave you watching your beloved pet plunging toward traffic to dog foods that seem super healthy but make Fido choke or get sick. While most cheap products are relatively harmless, there are serious risks involved with cheap, imported dog gear and supplies. Food in particular can be extremely dangerous. A lot of formulas sold these days are imported from sketchy Chinese factories where toxic chemicals and even rat poisons have been found to be used. Even plastic toys can leach harmful chemicals or be designed poorly so that they cause harm. It’s extremely difficult for the average consumer to know which vendors and manufacturers to trust with a pet’s health.

We’re here to help you avoid the hassle and headache of trying to determine which dog gear is safe and which isn’t. Our experts spend boatloads of time and energy following recall alerts, researching supply chains, and consulting with vets to stay up to speed on the dog gear market. We’re confident that we’ve put together the most useful, accessible, and informative site on the web for consumers who want to shop smart for dog gear. Our recommendations are the safest, highest-quality products we can find at any given time. We don’t recommend anything casually, and we’ll always tell you when we find a flaw in a recommendation that we think you should know about!

We’ve also tried to make this site different from the other dog gear review sites you’ll find all over the internet. A lot of them are just shameless product placement, with little to nothing in the way of actual reviews. We strive to make sure we’re objective, thorough, and comparative in our reviews. We’ll always tell you exactly why we’ve chosen a certain product over the competition and give you some perspective on what the competition is doing differently. We’re also not affiliated with any brands or manufacturers, so you can trust us to look at the whole market without giving anyone preferential treatment. There are certainly some companies we like more than others, but that’s simply because we think they’re putting more effort into designing and producing products that are safe, fun, and pet-friendly. We’re always on the lookout for the next best thing!

How We Review Gear

We look for different things in a product depending on what type of product it is. That goes without saying, of course! We have to have different criteria for foods vs brushes, and so on. However, there are some key things we always look at no matter what we’re reviewing:


Owning dogs can be very expensive, to say the least! Even if you’re living comfortably, there’s no point spending more than you need to on dog gear. That’s why we make sure we’re only recommending things that are a reasonable price. We certainly recommend a few premium grooming tools and foods, but we’ll always explain exactly why we think you should pay more in any given category.


No matter what you’re buying, you don’t want to have to buy it again in just a few months’ time, or have to shop for a whole new dog house, for example. We make sure that everything we recommend will last you a reasonable amount of time without developing any serious issues. If there’s a flaw to watch out for, we’ll let you know. If we recommend avoiding anything under a certain price point, we’ll let you know about that too!

Likewise, while no food is technically “durable,” we place a premium on long-term reliability from food. One problem with many even of the nicer dog food brands is quality control. What you get can vary wildly from batch to batch and that’s no good. You need to be able to trust the consistency of your doggie’s diet.


Whether it’s nutrition from food or a leash that’s designed to prevent choking, we always want to choose products that are healthy for dogs as well as reasonably-priced. That’s why we’re always careful to consult the latest veterinary science, training methodology, and so forth when we write our guides.


Fun is a pretty abstract concept to use as a measure for products, but we still think it’s important! It doesn’t matter how nice a dog bed you buy if your animal doesn’t actually want to sleep on it! Products that are as enjoyable for dogs to use as for you are where it’s at!

Get In Touch

Finally, we want to make sure we’re serving you! This site is here to help you, after all, and we want it to be as well-rounded as possible. Let us know if there’s a product you want us to cover that we haven’t gotten around to yet. Have a breed we’ve missed out on that you have questions about? Drop us a line. Head over to our contact page to get in touch and tell us how we’re doing and how you think we can do better!